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Genode OS Framework 20.11 Brings Dynamic CPU Load Balancing, 64-bit ARM Sculpt OS [from RSS]

RenderDoc 1.11 Released As The Leading Open-Source, Cross-Platform Graphics Debugger [from RSS]

The Peculiar State Of CPU Security Mitigation Performance On Intel Tiger Lake [from RSS]

Systemd 247 Released With Experimental Out-of-Memory Daemon, New Credentials Capability [from RSS]

PHP 8.0 Officially Released With Many Language Additions, Better Performance [from RSS]

Unigine 2.13 Continues Enhancing Their OpenGL Engine While Still Porting To Vulkan [from RSS]

OpenZFS 2.0-RC7 Brings Better ABI Handling, Reduced Latency For Non-Interactive I/O [from RSS]

Arcan 0.6 Display Server Adds Network Transparency, XWayland Client Isolation [from RSS]

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